Refinance Checklist



X Most recent 30 days of pay-stubs (or equivalent)

X Most recent 2 years W-2 forms

X Most recent 2 years Federal Income Tax Returns complete with all schedules

*** Most recent 2 years Federal Corporate and / or Partnership income tax returns complete with all schedules

*** Most recent YTD Profit / Loss Statement

*** Most recent Retirement and / or Social Security Award Letter

*** Proof of Child Support Income for one (1) year

X Other: Copies of Social Security Card and Driver License



X Most recent 3 months bank statements (include all pages)

X Most recent 3 months statements asset accounts (401K, thrift, IRA, etc.)



*** Written and signed explanation of any credit problems or inquiries

*** Copy of Bankruptcy papers, discharge, schedule of debts, and explanation

*** Copy of Complete Divorce Decree

X Copy of Hazard Insurance

X Copy of Recent billing statement (i.e. second mortgage)

X Copy of Mortgage Note

X Credit Report – Individual: $14.10/Couple: $15.00 (Please make check or money order payable to RMC)

*** Copy of Lease Agreement(s) for rental properties

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